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Franzensbader Strasse Synagogue

During the early days of the Grunewald Synagogue Association (based in the Wilmersdorf borough of Berlin; today known as the...

Added Jan 22, 2020


The Intelligenztempel (Tiergarten Locality, Central Berlin) The synagogue association of the Moabit locality of Berlin was formed in 1895, and...

Added Jan 22, 2020

Fasanenstrasse synagogue

In response to the growth of Berlin’s Jewish population (5,000 in 1895 to 23,000 in 1910) an additional synagogue was...

Added Jan 22, 2020

Wolfstein Synagogue

 Wolfstein Synagogue (Steglitz Locality, Berlin) The synagogue association of the Steglitz area of Berlin was established in 1874 at the...

Added Jan 22, 2020

Beth Zion Synagogue

Few details are available about the construction of this synagogue. We do know, however, that female worshipers accessed the designated...

Added Jan 22, 2020

Behaimstrasse/ Schulstrasse Synagogue

In 1889, a small Jewish association calling itself the Jewish Religious Community of Charlottenburg (it had several hundred members) was...

Added Jan 22, 2020


First Jewish presence: 1225; peak Jewish population: 173,000 in 1925; Jewish population in 1933: unknown. The Middle Ages Berlin’s Jewish...

Added Jan 22, 2020

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