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Speyer New Synagogue

"On June 24, 1837, the community inaugurated a synagogue (on the former St. Jakobskapelle) whose premises included a mikveh (closed...

Added May 20, 2020


First Jewish presence: 1811; peak Jewish population: approximately 800 in 1928; Jewish population in 1933: approximately 640 In early 1840,...

Added May 20, 2020


First Jewish presence: unknown; peak Jewish population: 132 in 1880; Jewish population in 1933: 48 The Jewish community of Stallupoenen...

Added May 20, 2020


First Jewish presence: 1834; peak Jewish population: 363 in 1880; Jewish population in 1933: 275 The Jews of Insterburg (present-day...

Added May 20, 2020

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We create virtual entry points to Jewish communities around the world as a means of reflecting Jewish life throughout history. We pair in-depth research with multimedia documentation gathered by our field and office researchers to create site-specific records.Our coverage includes religious sites, non-religious commercial and residential structures, and manifestations of the Crypto-Jewish experience and Judaized communities.

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You can help identify and digitally preserve sites. If you once lived by a site, live near one now, photographed a site while traveling, or visited a site in a city where your family came from, please share any information you might have with us.

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