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About Us

Beitenu creates virtual entry points to Jewish communities around the world as a means of reflecting Jewish life throughout history.

We pair in-depth research with multimedia documentation gathered by our field and office researchers to create site-specific records. Our coverage includes religious sites, non-religious, commercial and residential structures, and manifestations of the Crypto-Jewish experience and Judaized communities. We present our findings here to preserve and make accessible the myriad expressions of Jewish communal life.

Our Team

Beitenu brings together individuals with an array of expertise who collaborate in a truly 21st century manner. Our interfaith and multinational coalition includes scholars, international photographers, social entrepreneurs and technical developers who gather data and photos of local sites and historical locations around the world.

Jason Guberman, Executive Director

Joshua Shamsi, Project Director

Eddie Ashkenazie, Researcher

Avital Hirsch, Content Manager

Glenn Dynner, Editor

Chrystie Sherman, Photographer

Gentian Xhaxiu, Researcher

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